Why did you pick poverty?

I picked poverty because I really wanted a way to help out and that’s what I did. Exhibition is a time when you pick you can’t change it anymore, it’s like you are marrying your topic completely, You have to get up then work on everything every day, what you dont finish is homework  poverty is like what you research about, it’s like an essay, now I like essays so much and if I could pick something else I would pick poverty. Poverty makes me feel so bad for the people who are suffering it right now. That’s why I started to help so much during the exhibition process. it’s so nice to learn about a problem that is happening right now.

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What have you learned from the exhibition process?

I have learned many things during my exhibition process! A teacher in my grade gave me inspiration and I quote, ” If you think exhibition is not easy you are not working hard enough” When I heard that quote I instantly went out of la la land. I felt this weird emotion in my body, ” You have to make your parents happy you have to” And when I thought of that boom here comes the hard working me. Exhibition is fun and all but it also can be really challenging, that’s what I felt when I heard that quote which is now stuck in my head.

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What would you do differently if you were to start again?

The most important thing I need to do next time is to be more confident.I felt like I have not been confident with my work and I didn’t know what do correctly. I really wanted to restart and I relly wanted to do my research with much more detail. Another thing I needed to work on during the exhibition was timing, sometimes I thought that it was due 1 day later so I gave it some time, at I had to work 10 times harder because I wasn’t actively listening to what my teacher had to say, but at home I really wanted to go ahead a little and that’s what I exactly did. That’s what I wanted to start over.

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What new information have you learned that was really surprising and caught your attention?

Researching, it’s one of the most graded parts of my exhibition process. What I learned was that people who can get an education can actually get out of poverty ASAP!  I feel really good about that because if my action item was to help people get an education, poverty will decrease massively. Either kids who are poor and get an education can actually make their parents get a job that they can pay off, older people who just got an education will also get a job but in the near future. We can all relate to that because their parents will sadly die after they get older. Some kids who live in poverty won’t understand anything we talk about. This is what was surprising to me.

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What is something that has been difficult for you?

For me, the most difficult thing was research because I had to search up ways to stop poverty and where poverty was. I also felt tired of it because we had to put extra research every day we had about a week of research andI was relly tired. But then we have the action item which I am doing right now during the process, it’s probably one of the busiest times of exhibition but we still have to blog our process. My action item is to reis money for the people who don’t have an education, and we all know if the people get an education they will get a very good job if they get an education I bet you they will earn money. This why I am so busy it’s really difficult for me.

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How has the information you have learned inspired you to change your thinking?

It has changed my thinking so much during the exhibition process. I feel like I have been inspired to work harder and it has changed my thinking so much during the exhibition process. The information I collected was amazing for me and I feel like I am going to succeed in exhibition. In the beginning, I was not inspired by the research I was doing but then I realized how easy it was to be inspired and my thinking changed so much during the process. At exhibition, I hope I will show how my thinking has changed and how I become so inspired in my thinking.

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How do you feel about your exhibition process so far?

I feel really good but I have some strengths and thing I need to work on. My strengths are being an independent worker, being a thinker, being open-minded, and being principled I feel strong on these. Things I need to work on is communicating well, caring more about my items, being reflective, and being an inquirer. All of these make me feel proud because nobody can be perfect you know. I feel like I can start improving everything because nothing is perfect and you have to work hard to accomplish it.

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